The Secretary is authorized, upon the application of any school board, State, municipality, school district, or other governmental unit legally responsible for operating a public school or schools, to render technical assistance to such applicant in the preparation, adoption, and implementation of plans for the desegregation of public schools. Such technical assistance may, among other activities, include making available to such agencies information regarding effective methods of coping with special educational problems occasioned by desegregation, and making available to such agencies personnel of the Department of Education or other persons specially equipped to advise and assist them in coping with such problems.

(Pub. L. 88–352, title IV, § 403, July 2, 1964, 78 Stat. 247; Pub. L. 96–88, title III, § 301(a)(1), (b)(2), title V, § 507, Oct. 17, 1979, 93 Stat. 677, 678, 692.)
Transfer of Functions

Secretary”, meaning the Secretary of Education, and “Department of Education” substituted in text for “Commissioner” and “Office of Education”, respectively, pursuant to sections 301(a)(1), (b)(2) and 507 of Pub. L. 96–88, which are classified to sections 3441(a)(1), (b)(2) and 3507 of Title 20, Education, and which transferred all functions of Commissioner of Education to Secretary of Education and transferred Office of Education to the Department of Education.