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42 U.S. Code § 7384f - Legislative proposal

(a) Legislative proposal requiredNot later than March 15, 2001, the President shall submit to Congress a proposal for legislation to implement the compensation program. The proposal for legislation shall include, at a minimum, the specific recommendations (including draft legislation) of the President for the following:
The types of compensation and benefits, including lost wages, medical benefits, and any lump-sum settlement payments, to be provided under the compensation program.
Any adjustments or modifications necessary to appropriately administer the compensation program under part B.
Whether to expand the compensation program to include other illnesses associated with exposure to toxic substances.
Whether to expand the class of individuals who are members of the Special Exposure Cohort (as defined in section 7384l(14) of this title).
(b) Assessment of potential covered employees and required amountsThe President shall include with the proposal for legislation under subsection (a) the following:
An estimate of the number of covered employees that the President determines were exposed in the performance of duty.
An estimate, for each fiscal year of the compensation program, of the amounts to be required for compensation and benefits anticipated to be provided in such fiscal year under the compensation program.