Part A—Federal Programs

15811. Voluntary commitments to reduce industrial energy intensity. 15812. Advanced building efficiency testbed. 15813. Enhancing energy efficiency in management of Federal lands.
Part B—Energy Assistance and State Programs

15821. Energy efficient appliance rebate programs. 15822. Energy efficient public buildings. 15823. Low income community energy efficiency pilot program. 15824. State Technologies Advancement Collaborative.
Part C—Energy Efficient Products

15831. Public energy education program. 15832. Energy efficiency public information initiative. 15833. Energy efficiency pilot program. 15834. Report on failure to comply with deadlines for new or revised energy conservation standards.
Part D—Public Housing

15841. Energy-efficient appliances. 15842. Energy strategy for HUD. SUBCHAPTER II—RENEWABLE ENERGY
Part A—General Provisions

15851. Assessment of renewable energy resources. 15852. Federal purchase requirement. 15853. Rebate program. 15854. Sugar Cane Ethanol Program. 15855. Grants to improve the commercial value of forest biomass for electric energy, useful heat, transportation fuels, and other commercial purposes.
Part B—Geothermal Energy

15871. Coordination of geothermal leasing and permitting on Federal lands. 15872. Assessment of geothermal energy potential. 15873. Deposit and use of geothermal lease revenues for 5 fiscal years. 15874. Intermountain West Geothermal Consortium.
Part C—Hydroelectric

15881. Hydroelectric production incentives. 15882. Hydroelectric efficiency improvement.
Part D—Insular Energy

15891. Projects enhancing insular energy independence. SUBCHAPTER III—OIL AND GAS
Part A—Production Incentives

15901. Definition of Secretary. 15902. Program on oil and gas royalties in-kind. 15903. Marginal property production incentives. 15904. Incentives for natural gas production from deep wells in the shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico. 15905. Royalty relief for deep water production. 15906. North Slope Science Initiative. 15907. Orphaned, abandoned, or idled wells on Federal land. 15908. Preservation of geological and geophysical data. 15909. Gas hydrate production incentive. 15910. Enhanced oil and natural gas production through carbon dioxide injection. 15911. Denali Commission. 15912. Comprehensive inventory of OCS oil and natural gas resources.
Part B—Access to Federal Lands

15921. Management of Federal oil and gas leasing programs. 15922. Consultation regarding oil and gas leasing on public land. 15923. Methodology. 15924. Pilot project to improve Federal permit coordination. 15925. Fair market value determinations for linear rights-of-way across public lands and national forests. 15926. Energy right-of-way corridors on Federal land. 15927. Oil shale, tar sands, and other strategic unconventional fuels. 15928. Consultation regarding energy rights-of-way on public land.
Part C—Miscellaneous

15941. Great Lakes oil and gas drilling ban. 15942. NEPA review.
Part D—Refinery Revitalization

15951. Findings and definitions. 15952. Federal-State regulatory coordination and assistance. SUBCHAPTER IV—COAL
Part A—Clean Coal Power Initiative

15961. Authorization of appropriations. 15962. Project criteria. 15963. Report. 15964. Clean coal centers of excellence. 15965. Time limit for award; extension.
Part B—Clean Power Projects

15971. Integrated coal/renewable energy system. 15972. Loan to place Alaska clean coal technology facility in service. 15973. Western integrated coal gasification demonstration project. 15974. Coal gasification. 15975. Petroleum coke gasification. 15976. Electron scrubbing demonstration. 15977. Department of Energy transportation fuels from Illinois basin coal.
Part C—Federal Coal Leases

15991. Inventory requirement. SUBCHAPTER V—INDIAN ENERGY 16001. Energy efficiency in federally assisted housing. SUBCHAPTER VI—NUCLEAR MATTERS
Part A—General Nuclear Matters

16011. Demonstration hydrogen production at existing nuclear power plants. 16012. Prohibition on assumption by United States Government of liability for certain foreign incidents. 16013. Authorization of appropriations. 16014. Standby support for certain nuclear plant delays.
Part B—Next Generation Nuclear Plant Project

16021. Project establishment. 16022. Project management. 16023. Project organization. 16024. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. 16025. Project timelines and authorization of appropriations.
Part C—Nuclear Security

16041. Nuclear facility and materials security. 16042. Department of Homeland Security consultation. SUBCHAPTER VII—VEHICLES AND FUELS
Part A—Existing Programs

16051. Joint flexible fuel/hybrid vehicle commercialization initiative.
Part B—Hybrid Vehicles, Advanced Vehicles, and Fuel Cell Buses

subpart 1—hybrid vehicles

16061. Hybrid vehicles. 16062. Domestic manufacturing conversion grant program.
subpart 2—advanced vehicles

16071. Pilot program. 16072. Reports to Congress. 16073. Authorization of appropriations.
subpart 3—fuel cell buses

16081. Fuel cell transit bus demonstration.
Part C—Clean School Buses

16091. Clean school bus program. 16091a. Clean school bus program. 16092. Diesel truck retrofit and fleet modernization program. 16093. Fuel cell school buses.
Part D—Miscellaneous

16101. Railroad efficiency. 16102. Diesel fueled vehicles. 16103. Conserve by Bicycling Program. 16104. Reduction of engine idling. 16105. Biodiesel engine testing program. 16106. Ultra-efficient engine technology for aircraft.
Part E—Federal and State Procurement

16121. Definitions. 16122. Federal and State procurement of fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen energy systems. 16123. Federal procurement of stationary, portable, and micro fuel cells.
Part F—Diesel Emissions Reduction

16131. Definitions. 16132. National grant, rebate, and loan programs. 16133. State grant, rebate, and loan programs. 16134. Evaluation and report. 16135. Outreach and incentives. 16136. Effect of part. 16137. Authorization of appropriations. 16138. EPA authority to accept diesel emissions reduction Supplemental Environmental Projects. 16139. Settlement agreement provisions. SUBCHAPTER VIII—HYDROGEN 16151. Purposes. 16152. Definitions. 16153. Plan. 16154. Programs. 16155. Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technical Task Force. 16156. Technical Advisory Committee. 16157. Demonstration. 16158. Codes and standards. 16159. Disclosure. 16160. Reports. 16161. Solar and wind technologies. 16162. Technology transfer. 16163. Miscellaneous provisions. 16164. Cost sharing. 16165. Savings clause. SUBCHAPTER IX—RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT 16181. Goals. 16182. Definitions.
Part A—Energy Efficiency

16191. Energy efficiency. 16192. Next Generation Lighting Initiative. 16193. National Building Performance Initiative. 16194. Building standards. 16195. Secondary electric vehicle battery use program. 16196. Energy Efficiency Science Initiative. 16197. Advanced Energy Technology Transfer Centers.
Part B—Distributed Energy and Electric Energy Systems

16211. Distributed energy and electric energy systems. 16212. High power density industry program. 16213. Micro-cogeneration energy technology. 16214. Distributed energy technology demonstration programs. 16215. Electric transmission and distribution programs.
Part C—Renewable Energy

16231. Renewable energy. 16232. Bioenergy program. 16233. Low-cost renewable hydrogen and infrastructure for vehicle propulsion. 16234. Concentrating solar power research program. 16235. Renewable energy in public buildings.
Part D—Agricultural Biomass Research and Development Programs

16251. Production incentives for cellulosic biofuels. 16252. Education. 16253. Small business bioproduct marketing and certification grants. 16254. Regional bioeconomy development grants. 16255. Preprocessing and harvesting demonstration grants. 16256. Education and outreach.
Part E—Nuclear Energy

16271. Nuclear energy. 16272. Nuclear energy research programs. 16273. Advanced fuel cycle initiative. 16274. University nuclear science and engineering support. 16274a. Integrated University Program. 16275. Department of Energy civilian nuclear infrastructure and facilities. 16276. Security of nuclear facilities. 16277. Alternatives to industrial radioactive sources.
Part F—Fossil Energy

16291. Fossil energy. 16292. Coal and related technologies program. 16293. Carbon capture and sequestration research, development, and demonstration program. 16294. Research and development for coal mining technologies. 16295. Oil and gas research programs. 16296. Low-volume oil and gas reservoir research program. 16297. Complex Well Technology Testing Facility.
Part G—Science

16311. Science. 16312. Fusion energy sciences program. 16313. Catalysis research program. 16314. Hydrogen. 16315. Solid state lighting. 16316. Advanced scientific computing research and development program. 16317. Systems biology program. 16318. Fission and fusion energy materials research program. 16319. Energy and water supplies. 16320. Spallation Neutron Source. 16321. Rare Isotope Accelerator. 16322. Office of Scientific and Technical Information. 16323. Science and engineering education pilot program. 16324. Energy research fellowships. 16325. Science and Technology Scholarship Program.
Part H—International Cooperation

16341. Western Hemisphere energy cooperation. 16342. International energy training.
Part I—Research Administration and Operations

16351. Availability of funds. 16352. Cost sharing. 16353. Merit review of proposals. 16354. External technical review of departmental programs. 16355. National Laboratory designation. 16356. Report on equal employment opportunity practices. 16357. Strategy and plan for science and energy facilities and infrastructure. 16358. Strategic research portfolio analysis and coordination plan. 16359. Competitive award of management contracts. 16360. Western Michigan demonstration project. 16361. Arctic Engineering Research Center. 16362. Barrow Geophysical Research Facility.
Part J—Ultra-Deepwater and Unconventional Natural Gas and Other Petroleum Resources

16371. Program authority. 16372. Ultra-deepwater and unconventional onshore natural gas and other petroleum research and development program. 16373. Additional requirements for awards. 16374. Advisory committees. 16375. Limits on participation. 16376. Sunset. 16377. Definitions. 16378. Funding. SUBCHAPTER X—DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY MANAGEMENT 16391. Improved technology transfer of energy technologies. 16392. Technology Infrastructure Program. 16393. Small business advocacy and assistance. 16394. Outreach. 16395. Relationship to other laws. 16396. Prizes for achievement in grand challenges of science and technology. SUBCHAPTER XI—PERSONNEL AND TRAINING 16411. Workforce trends and traineeship grants. 16412. Training guidelines for nonnuclear electric energy industry personnel. 16413. National Center for Energy Management and Building Technologies. 16414. National Power Plant Operations Technology and Educational Center. SUBCHAPTER XII—ELECTRICITY
Part A—Transmission Infrastructure Modernization

16421. Third-party finance. 16421a. Western Area Power Administration borrowing authority. 16422. Advanced transmission technologies. 16423. Advanced Power System Technology Incentive Program.
Part B—Transmission Operation Improvements

16431. Federal utility participation in transmission organizations. 16432. Study on the benefits of economic dispatch.
Part C—Transmission Rate Reform

16441. Funding new interconnection and transmission upgrades.
Part D—Repeal of Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935

16451. Definitions. 16452. Federal access to books and records. 16453. State access to books and records. 16454. Exemption authority. 16455. Affiliate transactions. 16456. Applicability. 16457. Effect on other regulations. 16458. Enforcement. 16459. Savings provisions. 16460. Implementation. 16461. Transfer of resources. 16462. Service allocation. 16463. Authorization of appropriations.
Part E—Market Transparency, Enforcement, and Consumer Protection

16471. Consumer privacy and unfair trade practices.
Part F—Definitions

16481. Commission defined. SUBCHAPTER XIII—MISCELLANEOUS 16491. Energy production incentives. 16492. Regulation of certain oil used in transformers. 16493. National Priority Project Designation. 16494. Oxygen-fuel. SUBCHAPTER XIV—ETHANOL AND MOTOR FUELS 16501. Commercial byproducts from municipal solid waste and cellulosic biomass loan guarantee program. 16502. Advanced Biofuel Technologies Program. 16503. Sugar ethanol loan guarantee program. SUBCHAPTER XV—INCENTIVES FOR INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES 16511. Definitions. 16512. Terms and conditions. 16513. Eligible projects. 16514. Authorization of appropriations. 16515. Limitation on commitments to guarantee loans. 16516. Temporary program for rapid deployment of renewable energy and electric power transmission projects. SUBCHAPTER XVI—STUDIES 16521. Report on energy integration with Latin America. 16522. Low-volume gas reservoir study. 16523. Alaska natural gas pipeline. 16524. Study on the benefits of economic dispatch. SUBCHAPTER XVII—PROTECTING AMERICA’S COMPETITIVE EDGE THROUGH ENERGY 16531. Definitions. 16532. Nuclear science talent expansion program for institutions of higher education. 16533. Hydrocarbon systems science talent expansion program for institutions of higher education. 16534. Department of Energy early career awards for science, engineering, and mathematics researchers. 16535. Discovery science and engineering innovation institutes. 16536. Protecting America’s Competitive Edge (PACE) graduate fellowship program. 16537. Distinguished scientist program. 16538. Advanced Research Projects Agency—Energy.


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