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43 U.S. Code § 327 - Filing irrigation plan; association of entrymen

At the time of filing the declaration required in section 321 of this title the party shall also file a map of said land, which shall exhibit a plan showing the mode of contemplated irrigation, and which plan shall be sufficient to thoroughly irrigate and reclaim said land, and prepare it to raise ordinary agricultural corps, and shall also show the source of the water to be used for irrigation and reclamation. Persons entering or proposing to enter separate sections, or fractional parts of sections, of desert lands, may associate together in the construction of canals and ditches for irrigating and reclaiming all of said tracts, and may file a joint map or maps showing their plan of internal improvements.

(Mar. 3, 1877, ch. 107, § 4, as added Mar. 3, 1891, ch. 561, § 2, 26 Stat. 1096.)
Statutory Notes and Related Subsidiaries
Existing Claims; Repeals

Act Mar. 3, 1877, ch. 107, § 6, as added by act Mar. 3, 1891, ch. 561, § 2, 26 Stat. 1097, provided that existing claims should not be affected by act Mar. 3, 1891, but might be perfected under sections 321 to 323 of this title, or under sections 325 and 327 to 329 of this title, at the option of the claimant, and also repealed all acts and parts of acts in conflict with act Mar. 3, 1891.

Section as Unaffected by Submerged Lands Act

Provisions of this section as not amended, modified or repealed by the Submerged Lands Act, see section 1303 of this title.