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43 U.S. Code § 620a–2 - Establishment of nonexcess irrigable acreage for participating projects

The Secretary shall, for the Animas-La Plata, Dolores, Dallas Creek, San Miguel, West Divide, and Seedskadee participating projects of the Colorado River storage project, establish the nonexcess irrigable acreage for which any single ownership may receive project water at one hundred and sixty acres of class 1 land or the equivalent thereof, as determined by the Secretary, in other land classes.

Editorial Notes

Section consists of subsec. (d) of section 501 of Pub. L. 90–537. Subsecs. (a), (b), and (e) of section 501 are classified to sections 620, 620 note, 620a, 620a–1, 620c–1, and 620k note of this title. Subsecs. (c) and (f) of section 501 are not classified to the Code.

Section was enacted as part of the Colorado River Basin Project Act, and not as part of act Apr. 11, 1956, popularly known as the Colorado River Storage Project Act, which comprises this chapter.