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  1. § 620. Upper Colorado River Basin; purpose of development of water resources; initial units; construction of Wayne N. Aspinall unit contingent upon certification; participating projects; Rainbow Bridge National Monument
  2. § 620a. Priority to planning reports of certain additional participating projects; reports to States; San Juan-Chama project; Juniper project
  3. § 620a–1. Construction of participating projects to be concurrent with Central Arizona Project
  4. § 620a–2. Establishment of nonexcess irrigable acreage for participating projects
  5. § 620b. Congressional intent; additional undesignated projects not precluded; construction not authorized within national park or monument
  6. § 620c. Laws governing; irrigation repayment contracts; time for making contract; contracts for municipal water; payment by Indian lands; restricted delivery of water for excess commodity; apportionments of use
  7. § 620c–1. Laws governing priority of appropriation
  8. § 620d. Upper Colorado River Basin Fund
  9. § 620d–1. Reimbursement of Fund from Colorado River Development Fund; operation of Hoover Dam
  10. § 620e. Cost allocations; Indian lands; report to Congress
  11. § 620f. Powerplant operations
  12. § 620g. Recreational and fish and wildlife facilities
  13. § 620h. Saving provisions
  14. § 620i. Expenditures; units excepted from soil survey and land classification requirements
  15. § 620j. Court decree; effectivity and approval
  16. § 620k. Authorization of appropriations
  17. § 620l. Net power revenues
  18. § 620m. Compliance with law required in operation of facilities; enforcement of provisions
  19. § 620n. Water quality study and reports
  20. § 620n–1. Top water bank
  21. § 620o. Definitions