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46 U.S. Code § 12138 - List of documented vessels

(a) In General.—
The Secretary shall publish periodically a list of all documented vessels and information about those vessels that the Secretary considers pertinent or useful. The list shall contain a notation clearly indicating all vessels classed by the American Bureau of Shipping.
(b) Vessels for Cable Laying, Maintenance, and Repair.—
(1) In general.—
The Secretary of Transportation shall develop, maintain, and periodically update an inventory of vessels that are documented under this chapter, are at least 200 feet in length, and have the capability to lay, maintain, or repair a submarine cable, without regard to whether a particular vessel is classed as a cable ship or cable vessel.
(2) Information to be included.—For each vessel listed in the inventory, the Secretary of Transportation shall include in the inventory—
the name, length, beam, depth, and other distinguishing characteristics of the vessel;
the abilities and limitations of the vessel with respect to laying, maintaining, and repairing a submarine cable; and
the name and address of the person to whom inquiries regarding the vessel may be made.
(3) Publication.—
The Secretary of Transportation shall publish in the Federal Register an updated inventory every 6 months.

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46:12119 note.

Pub. L. 107–295, title IV, § 403, Nov. 25, 2002, 116 Stat. 2114.

In subsection (b), the word “Secretary” is substituted for “Secretary of Transportation” for consistency in the chapter.