46 U.S. Code § 4702. Abandonment of barge prohibited

An owner or operator of a barge may not abandon it on the navigable waters of the United States. A barge is deemed not to be abandoned if—
it is located at a Federally- or State-approved mooring area;
it is on private property with the permission of the owner of the property; or
the owner or operator notifies the Secretary that the barge is not abandoned and the location of the barge.
(Added Pub. L. 102–587, title V, § 5302, Nov. 4, 1992, 106 Stat. 5082; amended Pub. L. 109–304, § 15(18), Oct. 6, 2006, 120 Stat. 1703.)

2006—Pub. L. 109–304 struck out subsec. (a) designation before “An owner”.