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46 U.S. Code § 55108 - Platform jackets

(a) Definitions.—In this section:
(1) Coastwise qualified vessel.—
The term “coastwise qualified vessel” means a vessel that has been issued a certificate of documentation with a coastwise endorsement under chapter 121 of this title.
(2) Platform jacket.—The term “platform jacket” refers to a single physical component and includes any type of offshore exploration, development, or production structure or component thereof, including—
tension leg or SPAR platform superstructures (including the deck, drilling rig and support utilities, and supporting structure);
hull (including vertical legs and connecting pontoons or vertical cylinder);
tower and base sections of a platform jacket;
jacket structures; and
deck modules (known as “topsides”).
(b) Authorized Transportation.—Section 55102 of this title does not apply to the transportation of a platform jacket in or on a non-coastwise qualified launch barge between two points in the United States, at one of which there is an installation or other device within the meaning of section 4(a) of the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act (43 U.S.C. 1333(a)), if—
the launch barge was built before December 31, 2000, and has a launch capacity of at least 12,000 long tons; and
the Secretary of Transportation makes a determination, in accordance with procedures established under subsection (c), that a suitable coastwise qualified vessel is not available for use in the transportation and, if needed, launch or installation of a platform jacket.
(c) Procedures To Maximize Use of Coastwise Qualified Vessels.—The Secretary of Transportation shall adopt procedures implementing this section that are reasonably designed to provide timely information so as to maximize the use of coastwise qualified vessels. The procedures shall, among other things, establish that for purposes of this section, a coastwise qualified vessel shall be deemed to be not available only if—
(1) on application by an owner or operator for the use of a non-coastwise qualified launch barge for transportation of a platform jacket under this section (which application shall include all relevant information, including engineering details and timing requirements), the Secretary promptly publishes a notice in the Federal Register—
describing the project and the platform jacket involved;
advising that all relevant information reasonably needed to assess the transportation requirements for the platform jacket will be made available to interested parties on request; and
requesting that information on the availability of coastwise qualified vessels be submitted within 30 days after publication of that notice; and
no information is submitted to the Secretary within that 30 day period; or
the owner or operator of a coastwise qualified vessel submits information to the Secretary asserting that the owner or operator has a suitable coastwise qualified vessel available for the transportation, but the Secretary determines, within 90 days after the notice is first published, that the coastwise qualified vessel is not suitable or reasonably available for the transportation.

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In subsection (a), the words “coastwise endorsement under chapter 121” are substituted for “coastwise endorsement under section 12106” because section 12106 is being restated in various sections in revised chapter 121.

In subsection (b), the words “Section 55102 of this title does not apply” are substituted for “shall not be deemed transportation subject to this section” for consistency in the chapter.