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49 U.S. Code § 1112 - Special boards of inquiry on air transportation safety

(a) Establishment.—If an accident involves a substantial question about public safety in air transportation, the National Transportation Safety Board may establish a special board of inquiry composed of—
one member of the Board acting as chairman; and
2 members representing the public, appointed by the President on notification of the establishment of the special board of inquiry.
(b) Qualifications and Conflicts of Interest.—
The public members of a special board of inquiry must be qualified by training and experience to participate in the inquiry and may not have a pecuniary interest in an aviation enterprise involved in the accident to be investigated.
(c) Authority.—
A special board of inquiry has the same authority that the Board has under this chapter.

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In subsection (c), the words “when convened to investigate an accident certified to it by the National Transportation Safety Board” are omitted as surplus.