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49 U.S. Code § 44714 - Aviation fuel standards

The Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration shall prescribe—
standards for the composition or chemical or physical properties of an aircraft fuel or fuel additive to control or eliminate aircraft emissions the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency decides under section 231 of the Clean Air Act (42 U.S.C. 7571) endanger the public health or welfare; and
regulations providing for carrying out and enforcing those standards.

Historical and Revision Notes



Source (U.S. Code)

Source (Statutes at Large)


49 App.:1421(e).

Aug. 23, 1958, Pub. L. 85–726, 72 Stat. 731, § 601(e); added Dec. 31, 1970, Pub. L. 91–604, § 11(b)(1), 84 Stat. 1705; Nov. 9, 1977, Pub. L. 95–163, § 15(b)(1), 91 Stat. 1283.

In this section, before clause (1), the words “and from time to time revise” are omitted as surplus. In clause (1), the words “establishing” and “the purpose of” are omitted as surplus.

Statutory Notes and Related Subsidiaries
Aviation Fuel

Pub. L. 115–254, div. B, title V, § 565, Oct. 5, 2018, 132 Stat. 3385, provided that:

“(a) Use of Unleaded Aviation Gasoline.—The Administrator [of the Federal Aviation Administration] shall allow the use of an unleaded aviation gasoline in an aircraft as a replacement for a leaded gasoline if the Administrator—
determines that the unleaded aviation gasoline qualifies as a replacement for an approved leaded gasoline;
identifies the aircraft and engines that are eligible to use the qualified replacement unleaded gasoline; and
adopts a process (other than the traditional means of certification) to allow eligible aircraft and engines to operate using qualified replacement unleaded gasoline in a manner that ensures safety.
“(b) Timing.—The Administrator shall adopt the process described in subsection (a)(3) not later than 180 days after the later of—
the date on which the [Federal Aviation] Administration completes the Piston Aviation Fuels Initiative; or
the date on which the American Society for Testing and Materials publishes a production specification for an unleaded aviation gasoline.
“(c) Type Certification.—
Existing regulatory mechanisms by which an unleaded aviation gasoline can be approved for use in an engine or aircraft by Type or Supplemental Type Certificate for individual aircraft and engine types or by Approved Model List Supplemental Type Certificate providing coverage for a broad range of applicable types of aircraft or engines identified in the application shall continue to be fully available as a means of approving and bringing an unleaded aviation gasoline into general use in the United States. Such approvals shall be issued when the Administrator finds that the aircraft or engine performs properly and meets the applicable regulations and minimum standards under the normal certification process.”