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5 U.S. Code § 9507 - Streamlined demonstration project authority

The exercise of any of the flexibilities under sections 9502 through 9510 shall not affect the authority of the Secretary of the Treasury to implement for the Internal Revenue Service a demonstration project subject to chapter 47, as provided in subsection (b).
(b) In applying section 4703 to a demonstration project described in section 4701(a)(4) which involves the Internal Revenue Service
section 4703(b)(1) shall be deemed to read as follows:
develop a plan for such project which describes its purpose, the employees to be covered, the project itself, its anticipated outcomes, and the method of evaluating the project;”;
section 4703(b)(3) shall not apply;
the 180-day notification period in section 4703(b)(4) shall be deemed to be a notification period of 30 days;
section 4703(b)(6) shall be deemed to read as follows:
provides each House of Congress with the final version of the plan.”;
section 4703(c)(1) shall be deemed to read as follows:
subchapter V of chapter 63 or subpart G of part III of this title;”;
the requirements of paragraphs (1)(A) and (2) of section 4703(d) shall not apply; and
notwithstanding section 4703(d)(1)(B), based on an evaluation as provided in section 4703(h), the Office of Personnel Management and the Secretary of the Treasury, except as otherwise provided by this subsection, may waive the termination date of a demonstration project under section 4703(d).
At least 90 days before waiving the termination date under subsection (b)(7), the Office of Personnel Management shall publish in the Federal Register a notice of its intention to waive the termination date and shall inform in writing both Houses of Congress of its intention.