50 U.S. Code § 851. Registration of certain persons; filing statement; regulations

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Except as provided in section 852 of this title, every person who has knowledge of, or has received instruction or assignment in, the espionage, counter-espionage, or sabotage service or tactics of a government of a foreign country or of a foreign political party, shall register with the Attorney General by filing with the Attorney General a registration statement in duplicate, under oath, prepared and filed in such manner and form, and containing such statements, information, or documents pertinent to the purposes and objectives of this subchapter as the Attorney General, having due regard for the national security and the public interest, by regulations prescribes.

(Aug. 1, 1956, ch. 849, § 2, 70 Stat. 899.)

Section was not enacted as part of the Internal Security Act of 1950 which comprises subchapters I to III of this chapter.


Act Aug. 1, 1956, ch. 849, § 9, 70 Stat. 900, provided:

“If any provision of this Act [enacting this subchapter] or the application thereof to any person or circumstances is held invalid, the remainder of the Act, and the application of such provisions to other persons or circumstances, is not affected thereby.”