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51 U.S. Code § 60122 - Conditions for operation

(a) License Required for Operation.—
No person that is subject to the jurisdiction or control of the United States may, directly or through any subsidiary or affiliate, operate any private remote sensing space system without a license pursuant to section 60121 of this title.
(b) Licensing Requirements.—Any license issued pursuant to this subchapter shall specify that the licensee shall comply with all of the requirements of this chapter and shall—
operate the system in such manner as to preserve the national security of the United States and to observe the international obligations of the United States in accordance with section 60146 of this title;
make available to the government of any country (including the United States) unenhanced data collected by the system concerning the territory under the jurisdiction of such government as soon as such data are available and on reasonable terms and conditions;
make unenhanced data designated by the Secretary in the license pursuant to section 60121(e) of this title available in accordance with section 60141 of this title;
upon termination of operations under the license, make disposition of any satellites in space in a manner satisfactory to the President;
furnish the Secretary with complete orbit and data collection characteristics of the system, and inform the Secretary immediately of any deviation; and
notify the Secretary of any significant or substantial agreement the licensee intends to enter with a foreign nation, entity, or consortium involving foreign nations or entities.
(c) Additional Licensing Requirements for Landsat 6 Contractor.—In addition to the requirements of subsection (b), any license issued pursuant to this subchapter to the Landsat 6 contractor shall specify that the Landsat 6 contractor shall—
notify the Secretary of any value added activities (as defined by the Secretary by regulation) that will be conducted by the Landsat 6 contractor or by a subsidiary or affiliate; and
if such activities are to be conducted, provide the Secretary with a plan for compliance with section 60141 of this title.

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15 U.S.C. 5622.

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In subsection (c), in the matter before paragraph (1), the words “subsection (b)” are substituted for “paragraph (b)” to correct an error in the law.