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54 U.S. Code § 101703 - Cooperative management agreements

(a) In General.—
To facilitate the administration of the System, the Secretary, under such terms and conditions as the Secretary considers advisable, may enter into an agreement with a State or local government agency to provide for the cooperative management of the Federal and State or local park areas where a System unit is located adjacent to or near a State or local park area, and cooperative management between the Service and a State or local government agency of a portion of either the System unit or State or local park will allow for more effective and efficient management of the System unit and State or local park. The Secretary may not transfer administration responsibilities for any System unit under this paragraph.
(b) Provision of Goods and Services.—
Under a cooperative management agreement, the Secretary may acquire from and provide to a State or local government agency goods and services to be used by the Secretary and the State or local governmental agency in the cooperative management of land.
(c) Assignment of Employee.—
An assignment arranged by the Secretary under section 3372 of title 5 of a Federal, State, or local employee for work on any Federal, State, or local land or an extension of the assignment may be for any period of time determined by the Secretary and the State or local agency to be mutually beneficial.

Historical and Revision Notes



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Statutory Notes and Related Subsidiaries
Authorizing Cooperative Management Agreements Between the District of Columbia and the Secretary of the Interior

Pub. L. 116–9, title II, § 2403, Mar. 12, 2019, 133 Stat. 747, provided that:

“The Secretary [of the Interior] may enter into a cooperative management agreement with the District of Columbia in accordance with section 101703 of title 54, United States Code.”