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6 U.S. Code § 414 - Homeland Security Rotation Program

(a) [1] Establishment
(1) In general

Not later than 180 days after October 4, 2006, the Secretary shall establish the Homeland Security Rotation Program (in this section referred to as the “Rotation Program”) for employees of the Department. The Rotation Program shall use applicable best practices, including those from the Chief Human Capital Officers Council.

(2) GoalsThe Rotation Program established by the Secretary shall—
be established in accordance with the Human Capital Strategic Plan of the Department;
provide middle and senior level employees in the Department the opportunity to broaden their knowledge through exposure to other components of the Department;
expand the knowledge base of the Department by providing for rotational assignments of employees to other components;
build professional relationships and contacts among the employees in the Department;
invigorate the workforce with exciting and professionally rewarding opportunities;
incorporate Department human capital strategic plans and activities, and address critical human capital deficiencies, recruitment and retention efforts, and succession planning within the Federal workforce of the Department; and
complement and incorporate (but not replace) rotational programs within the Department in effect on October 4, 2006.
(3) Administration
(A) In general

The Chief Human Capital Officer shall administer the Rotation Program.

(B) ResponsibilitiesThe Chief Human Capital Officer shall—
provide oversight of the establishment and implementation of the Rotation Program;
establish a framework that supports the goals of the Rotation Program and promotes cross-disciplinary rotational opportunities;
establish eligibility for employees to participate in the Rotation Program and select participants from employees who apply;
establish incentives for employees to participate in the Rotation Program, including promotions and employment preferences;
ensure that the Rotation Program provides professional education and training;
ensure that the Rotation Program develops qualified employees and future leaders with broad-based experience throughout the Department;
provide for greater interaction among employees in components of the Department; and
coordinate with rotational programs within the Department in effect on October 4, 2006.
(4) Allowances, privileges, and benefits

All allowances, privileges, rights, seniority, and other benefits of employees participating in the Rotation Program shall be preserved.

(5) Reporting

Not later than 180 days after the date of the establishment of the Rotation Program, the Secretary shall submit a report on the status of the Rotation Program, including a description of the Rotation Program, the number of employees participating, and how the Rotation Program is used in succession planning and leadership development to the appropriate committees of Congress.