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7 U.S. Code § 217a - Fees for inspection of brands or marks

(a) Authorization by Secretary; registration as market agency

The Secretary may, upon written application made to him, and if he deems it necessary, authorize the charging and collection, at any stockyard subject to the provisions of this chapter, by any department or agency of any State in which branding or marking or both branding and marking livestock as a means of establishing ownership prevails by custom or statute, or by a duly organized livestock association of any such State, of a reasonable and nondiscriminatory fee for the inspection of brands, marks, and other identifying characteristics of livestock originating in or shipped from such State, for the purpose of determining the ownership of such livestock. No charge shall be made under any such authorization until the authorized department, agency, or association has registered as a market agency. No more than one such authorization shall be issued with respect to such inspection of livestock originating in or shipped from any one State. If more than one such application is filed with respect to such inspection of livestock originating in or shipped from any one State, the Secretary shall issue such authorization to the applicant deemed by him best qualified to perform the proposed service, on the basis of (1) experience, (2) financial responsibility, (3) extent and efficiency of organization, (4) possession of necessary records, and (5) any other factor relating to the ability of the applicant to perform the proposed service. The Secretary may receive and consider the recommendations of the commissioner, secretary, or director of agriculture, or other appropriate officer or agency of a State as to the qualifications of any applicant in such State. The decision of the Secretary as to the applicant best qualified shall be final.

(b) Applicability of section

The provisions of this subchapter, relating to the filing, publication, approval, modification, and suspension of any rate or charge for any stockyard service shall apply with respect to charges authorized to be made under this section.

(c) Collection and payment of charges

Charges authorized to be made under this section shall be collected by the market agency or other person receiving and disbursing the funds received from the sale of livestock with respect to the inspection of which such charge is made, and paid by it to the department, agency, or association performing such service.

(d) Revocation of authorization or registration

The Secretary may, if he deems it to be in the public interest, suspend, and after hearing, revoke any authorization and registration issued under the provisions of this section or any similar authorization and registration issued under any other provision of law. The order of the Secretary suspending or revoking any such authorization and registration shall not be subject to review.

(Aug. 15, 1921, ch. 64, title III, § 317, as added June 19, 1942, ch. 421, 56 Stat. 372.)
Editorial Notes
Prior Provisions

Former provisions relating to fees for inspection of brands appearing upon livestock were contained in section 231 of this title.

Statutory Notes and Related Subsidiaries
Administrative Orders Review Act

Court of appeals exclusive jurisdiction respecting final orders of Secretary of Agriculture under this chapter, except orders issued under section 210(e) of this title and this section, see section 2342 of Title 28, Judiciary and Judicial Procedure.