8 U.S. Code § 1353d - Disposition of money received as extra compensation

Moneys collected on or after July 1, 1941, as extra compensation for overtime service of immigration officers and employees of the Immigration Service pursuant to sections 1353a and 1353b of this title, shall be deposited in the Treasury of the United States to the credit of the appropriation for the payment of salaries, field personnel of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, and the appropriation so credited shall be available for the payment of such compensation.

(Aug. 22, 1940, ch. 688, 54 Stat. 858; June 27, 1952, ch. 477, title IV, § 402(i)(2), 66 Stat. 278.)
Editorial Notes

Section was not enacted as part of the Immigration and Nationality Act which comprises this chapter.

Section was formerly classified to section 342e of Title 5 prior to the general revision and enactment of Title 5, Government Organization and Employees, by Pub. L. 89–554, § 1, Sept. 6, 1966, 80 Stat. 378. Prior thereto, section was classified to section 109d of this title.


1952—Act June 27, 1952, substituted “immigration officers” for “inspectors”.

Statutory Notes and Related Subsidiaries
Abolition of Immigration and Naturalization Service and Transfer of Functions

For abolition of Immigration and Naturalization Service, transfer of functions, and treatment of related references, see note set out under section 1551 of this title.

Execuive Documents
Transfer of Functions

Functions of all other officers of Department of Justice and functions of all agencies and employees of such Department, with a few exceptions, transferred to Attorney General, with power vested in him to authorize their performance or performance of any of his functions by any of such officers, agencies, and employees, by 1950 Reorg. Plan No. 2, §§ 1, 2, eff. May 24, 1950, 15 F.R. 3173, 64 Stat. 1261, set out in the Appendix to Title 5, Government Organization and Employees. See sections 509 and 510 of Title 28, Judiciary and Judicial Procedure.