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Cure means to eliminate or correct a violation or defect. Some common uses of the term “cure” in a legal sense include:

  • Cases such as this one from California, explain that to “cure” a default, as the term is used in the Bankruptcy Code, means that “the debtor must take care of the event triggering the default and return the parties to pre-default conditions.” 
  • In the context of contract law, the term “cure” means to correct or remove a defect that would be considered a breach by the curing party. For example, a landlord may give the tenant a set amount of time to correct, or cure, a lease violation or face an eviction lawsuit. 
  • As explained in this case from Texas, the term “cure” as used in the context of maritime law, means “the payment of necessary medical services for a seaman who is injured or becomes ill while in the service of a ship.”

[Last updated in July of 2021 by the Wex Definitions Team