design professional's lien

A design professional’s lien is a type of lien that gives a security interest in property to someone who expends design services in connection with that property.  Who qualifies as a design professional depends on the state, but architects, engineers, and land surveyors are typical examples of persons who may acquire this type of lien.  A design professional's lien is essentially a mechanic's lien by another name. In most states, the rights of following a design professional lien are the same as a mechanic’s lien. In some states such as California and Texas, the design professional may have slightly different requirements or limits to receiving design liens compared to mechanics liens. For example, some states limit design professional liens to just pre-construction work even if services continued throughout the building process. A small number of states rarely allow for design professional liens at all. 

[Last updated in November of 2022 by the Wex Definitions Team]