domestic relations

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Domestic relations is a reference to the field of family law, which governs relations within a family or household. In the past, these relations were limited to those between spouses, parents and children, and legal guardians and wardsFamily courts, sometimes called domestic courts, are courts of limited jurisdiction that address issues involving family law. These courts cover a breadth of domestic relations matters including alimonydivorce, domestic abuse, child custody, child support.

A court’s ability to hear matters concerning domestic relations may depend on statutory definitions.

  • For example, in Section 3105.011 of Ohio's Revised Code constrains “domestic relations matters” to those that fall under Section 2301.03 as well as complaints for child support, the determination of parental rights and responsibilities, and actions removed or transferred from juvenile courts.   

See e.g.; Bailey v. MacFarland, 5 F.4th 1092 (9th Cir. 2021)

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