Wang v. Luo

The plaintiff alleged that she married the respondent in 2012 and had a son in the same year. However, the respondent is a male chauvinist and has a very bad temper. He often maltreated the plaintiff. Especially during the plaintiff’s pregnancy, the respondent urged the plaintiff to have an abortion. The abortion was not carried out only because they had no money at that time. Therefore, the plaintiff sought a divorce and to submit an Agreement of divorce to the court. The court found that since the respondent did not show up at the trial, the plaintiff could not prove the authenticity of the evidence. According to Article 32 of Marriage Law, the prerequisite of a divorce judgment shall be the certainty of the loss of affection between the couple. Since the plaintiff could not prove such certainty, the divorce was not allowed.




Court of Chaling County, Hunan Province

Avon Center work product