land use law

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See Contract Zoning

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Making a deal with a governing body to be granted exemptions to a zoning code was originally considered illegal, but the concept has evolved into two versions:

Legitimate conditional use zoning: In this acceptable version, there is a unilateral...
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Incentive zoning allows landowners to essentially buy their way out from a land-use regulation for a pre-set price. This is distinguised from illegal contract zoning by the pre-set price (if the governing board has not pre-set the price, a landowner...

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Whether the constitutional standards set out in Nollan and Dolan apply so that the government can be held liable for an improper taking when the government refuses...

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Legislative act dividing a jurisdiction's land into sections and regulating different land uses in each section in accordance with a zoning ordinance.

Flexibility in Zoning

A number of devices allow governing boards to include...