11 CFR § 9033.8 - Reestablishment of eligibility.

(a) Candidates found to be inactive. A candidate who has become ineligible under 11 CFR 9033.5(a) on the basis that he or she is not actively campaigning in more than one State may reestablish eligibility for matching payments by submitting to the Commission evidence of active campaigning in more than one State. In determining whether the candidate has reestablished eligibility, the Commission will consider, but is not limited to considering, the factors listed in 11 CFR 9033.6(b). The day the Commission determines to be the day the candidate becomes active again will be the date on which eligibility is reestablished.

(b) Candidates receiving insufficient votes. A candidate determined to be ineligible under 11 CFR 9033.5(b) by failing to obtain the required percentage of votes in two consecutive primaries may have his or her eligibility reestablished if the candidate receives at least 20 percent of the total number of votes cast for candidates of the same party for the same office in a primary election held subsequent to the date of the election which rendered the candidate ineligible.

(c) The Commission will make its determination under 11 CFR 9033.8 (a) or (b) without requiring the individual to reestablish eligibility under 11 CFR 9033.1 and 2. A candidate whose eligibility is reestablished under this section may submit, for matching payment, contributions received during ineligibility. Any expenses incurred during the period of ineligibility that would have been considered qualified campaign expenses if the candidate had been eligible during that time may be defrayed with matching payments.

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