11 CFR § 9034.1 - Candidate entitlements.

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§ 9034.1 Candidate entitlements.

(a) A candidate who has been notified by the Commission under 11 CFR 9036.1 that he or she has successfully satisfied eligibility and certification requirements is entitled to receive payments under 26 U.S.C. 9037 and 11 CFR part 9037 in an amount equal to the amount of each matchable campaign contribution received by the candidate, except that a candidate who has become ineligible under 11 CFR 9033.5 may not receive further matching payments regardless of the date of deposit of the underlying contributions if he or she has no net outstanding campaign obligations as defined in 11 CFR 9034.5. See also 26 CFR parts 701 and 702 regarding payments by the Department of the Treasury.

(b) If on the date of ineligibility a candidate has net outstanding campaign obligations as defined under 11 CFR 9034.5, that candidate may continue to receive matching payments for matchable contributions received and deposited on or before December 31 of the Presidential election year provided that on the date of payment there are remaining net outstanding campaign obligations, i.e., the sum of the contributions received on or after the date of ineligibility plus matching funds received on or after the date of ineligibility is less than the candidate's net outstanding campaign obligations. This entitlement will be equal to the lesser of:

(1) The amount of contributions submitted for matching; or

(2) The remaining net outstanding campaign obligations.

(c) A candidate whose eligibility has been reestablished under 11 CFR 9033.8 or who after suspension of payments has met the conditions set forth at 11 CFR 9033.9(d) is entitled to receive payments for matchable contributions for which payments were not received during the ineligibility or suspension period.

(d) The total amount of payments to a candidate under this section shall not exceed 50% of the total expenditure limitation applicable under 11 CFR part 9035.

[56 FR 34132, July 25, 1991 and 56 FR 35934, July 29, 1991]