11 CFR § 9036.3 - Submission errors and insufficient documentation.

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§ 9036.3 Submission errors and insufficient documentation.

Contributions which are otherwise matchable may be rejected for matching purposes because of submission errors or insufficient supporting documentation. Contributions, other than those defined in 11 CFR 9034.3 or in the form of money orders, cashier's checks, or similar negotiable instruments, may become matchable if there is a proper resubmission in accordance with 11 CFR 9036.5 and 9036.6. Insufficient documentation or submission errors include but are not limited to:

(a) Discrepancies in the written instrument, such as:

(1) Instruments drawn on other than personal accounts of contributors and not signed by the contributing individual;

(2) Signature discrepancies; and

(3) Lack of the contributor's signature, the amount or date of the contribution, or the listing of the committee or candidate as payee.

(b) Discrepancies between listed contributions and the written instrument or supporting documentation, such as:

(1) The listed amount requested for matching exceeds the amount contained on the written instrument;

(2) A written instrument has not been submitted to support a listed contribution;

(3) The submitted written instrument cannot be associated either by accountholder identification or signature with the listed contributor; or

(4) A discrepancy between the listed contribution and the supporting bank documentation or the bank documentation is omitted.

(c) Discrepancies within or between contributor lists submitted, such as:

(1) The address of the contributor is omitted or incomplete or the contributor's name is alphabetized incorrectly, or more than one contributor is listed per item;

(2) A discrepancy in aggregation within or between submissions which results in a request that more than $250 be matched for that contributor, or a listing of a contributor more than once within the same submission; or

(3) A written instrument has been previously submitted and matched in full or is listed twice in the same submission.

(d) The omission of information, supporting statements, or documentation required by 11 CFR 9034.2.

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