12 CFR § 19.160 - Scope.

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§ 19.160 Scope.

(a) Section 7(j) of the FDIA (12 U.S.C. 1817(j)) provides that no person may acquire control of an insured depository institution unless the appropriate Federal bank regulatory agency has been given prior written notice of the proposed acquisition. If, after investigating and soliciting comment on the proposed acquisition, the agency decides that the acquisition should be disapproved, the agency shall mail a written notification to the proposed acquiring person in writing within three days of the decision. The party can then request an agency hearing on the proposed acquisition. The OCC's procedures for reviewing notices of proposed acquisitions in change-in-control proceedings are set forth in § 5.50 of this chapter.

(b) Unless otherwise provided in this subpart, the rules in subpart A of this part set forth the procedures applicable to requests for OCC hearings.

[56 FR 38028, Aug. 9, 1991, as amended at 61 FR 20337, May 6, 1996]