12 CFR § 308.116 - Assessment of penalties.

§ 308.116 Assessment of penalties.

(a) In general. The civil money penalty shall be assessed upon the service of a Notice of Assessment which shall become final and unappealable unless the respondent requests a hearing pursuant to § 308.19(c)(2).

(b) Maximum penalty amounts. Under 12 U.S.C. 1817(j)(16), a civil money penalty may be assessed for violations of change in control of insured depository institution provisions in the maximum amounts calculated and published in accordance with § 308.132(d).

(c) Mitigating factors. In assessing the amount of the penalty, the Board of Directors or its designee shall consider the gravity of the violation, the history of previous violations, respondent's financial resources, good faith, and any other matters as justice may require.

(d) Failure to answer. Failure of a respondent to file an answer required by this section within the time provided constitutes a waiver of his or her right to appear and contest the allegations in the notice of disapproval. If no timely answer is filed, Enforcement Counsel may file a motion for entry of an order of default. Upon a finding that no good cause has been shown for the failure to file a timely answer, the administrative law judge shall file a recommended decision containing the findings and relief sought in the notice. A final order issued by the Board of Directors based upon a respondent's failure to answer is deemed to be an order issued upon consent.

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