12 CFR § 5.4 - Filing required.

§ 5.4 Filing required.

(a) Filing. A depository institution must file an application or notice with the OCC to engage in corporate activities and transactions as described in this part.

(b) Availability of forms. Forms and instructions for filing are available at www.occ.gov.

(c) Other agency's applications or filings. At the request of the filer, the OCC may accept an application or other filing submitted to another Federal agency that covers the proposed action or transaction and contains substantially the same information as required by the OCC. The OCC also may require the filer to submit supplemental information.

(d) Where to file. A filer should address a filing or other submission under this part to the appropriate OCC licensing office or appropriate OCC supervisory office, unless the OCC advises a filer otherwise. Relevant addresses are listed on www.occ.gov.

(e) Incorporation of other material. A filer may incorporate any material contained in any other application or filing filed with the OCC or other Federal agency by reference, provided that the material is attached to the application and is current and responsive to the information requested by the OCC. The filing must clearly indicate that the information is so incorporated and include a cross-reference to the information incorporated.

(f) Prefiling meeting. Before submitting a filing to the OCC, a potential filer is encouraged to contact the appropriate OCC licensing office to determine the need for a prefiling meeting. The OCC decides whether to require a prefiling meeting on a case-by-case basis. Submission of a draft business plan or other relevant information before any prefiling meeting may expedite the filing review process. A potential filer considering a novel, complex, or unique proposal is encouraged to contact the appropriate OCC licensing office to schedule a prefiling meeting early in the development of its proposal for the early identification and consideration of policy issues. Information on model business plans can be found in the Comptroller's Licensing Manual.

(g) Certification. A filer must certify that any filing or supporting material submitted to the OCC contains no material misrepresentations or omissions. The OCC may review and verify any information filed in connection with a notice or an application. Any person responsible for any material misrepresentation or omission in a filing or supporting materials may be subject to enforcement action and other penalties, including criminal penalties provided in 18 U.S.C. 1001.

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