13 CFR § 107.1500 - General description of Participating Securities.

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§ 107.1500 General description of Participating Securities.

(a) Types of Participating Securities. Participating Securities are redeemable, preferred, equity-type securities. SBA may purchase or guarantee Participating Securities issued by Licensees in the form of limited partnership interests, preferred stock, or debentures with interest payable only to the extent of earnings. The structure, terms and conditions of Participating Securities are set forth in detail in §§ 107.1500 through 107.1590.

(b) Special eligibility requirements for Participating Securities. In addition to the general eligibility requirements for Leverage under § 107.1120, Participating Securities issuers must also comply with special rules on:

(1) Minimum capital (see § 107.210).

(2) Liquidity (see § 107.1505).

(3) Non-SBA borrowing (see § 107.570).

(4) Equity investing, as set forth in this paragraph (b)(4). If you issue Participating Securities, you must invest an amount equal to the Original Issue Price of such securities solely in Equity Capital Investments, as defined in § 107.50.

(c) Special features of Participating Securities—Prioritized Payments, Adjustments, and Profit Participation. When you issue Participating Securities, you agree to make the following payments:

(1) Prioritized Payments. Depending upon the type of Participating Security you issue, Prioritized Payments may be preferred partnership distributions, preferred dividends, or interest. Your obligation to pay Prioritized Payments is contingent upon your profits as determined under § 107.1520.

(2) Adjustments to Prioritized Payments. If you have unpaid Prioritized Payments, you must compute Adjustments, which are additional contingent obligations determined under § 107.1520. The conditions for paying Adjustments are the same as for Prioritized Payments.

(3) SBA Profit Participation. Profit Participation is an amount payable to SBA under § 107.1530 in consideration for SBA's guarantee of your Participating Securities.

(d) Distributions by Licensees issuing Participating Securities. Sections 107.1540 through 107.1580 govern both required and optional Distributions by Participating Securities issuers. Distributions include both profit distributions and returns of capital, paid either to SBA or to your non-SBA investors.

(e) Mandatory redemption of Participating Securities. You must redeem Participating Securities at the redemption date, which is the same as the maturity date of the Trust Certificates for the Trust containing such securities. The redemption date can never be later than 15 years after the issue date. You must pay the Redemption Price plus any unpaid Earned Prioritized Payments and any earned Adjustments and earned Charges (see § 107.1520).

(f) Priority of Participating Securities in liquidation of Licensee. In the event of your liquidation, the following are senior in priority, for all purposes, to all other equity interests you have issued at any time:

(1) The Redemption Price of Participating Securities;

(2) Any Earned Prioritized Payments and any earned Adjustments and earned Charges (see § 107.1520); and

(3) Any Profit Participation allocated to SBA under § 107.1530.

[61 FR 3189, Jan. 31, 1996, as amended at 63 FR 5869, Feb. 5, 1998]