13 CFR § 134.203 - The appeal petition.

§ 134.203 The appeal petition.

(a) A petition must contain the following:

(1) The basis of OHA's jurisdiction (see § 134.102);

(2) A copy of the SBA determination being appealed, if applicable, and the date the determination was received by the petitioner;

(3) A clear and concise statement of the factual basis of the case and applicable legal arguments;

(4) The relief being sought;

(5) The name, address, telephone number, facsimile number, e-mail address, and signature of the petitioner or its attorney; and

(6) A certificate of service (see § 134.204(d)).

(b) If the applicable subpart of this part 134 (or the program regulations) requires other documents or information with the appeal petition, these must also be included.

(c) A petition which does not contain all of the information required by paragraphs (a) and (b) of this section may be dismissed, with or without prejudice, at the Judge's own initiative, or upon motion of the respondent.

(d) Format.

(1) An appeal petition should be on 8.5″ × 11″ paper with a clear type at least 12 point in size. Preferably, double-space the main text and use 1″ margins all around. Number each page. A separate cover letter is not needed. A table of contents is optional. Hard copies of documents sent by facsimile or electronic mail are not needed unless specifically requested.

(2) The maximum length of an appeal petition (not including attachments) is 20 pages, unless prior leave is sought by the petitioner and granted by the Judge. A table of authorities is required only for petitions citing more than twenty cases, regulations, or statutes.

(3) Clearly label any exhibits and attachments. Do not include documents already submitted to SBA in connection with the matter being appealed. SBA will submit these directly to OHA.

(e) Motion for a more definite appeal petition. A respondent, SBA, or a contracting officer (for NAICS appeals) may, not later than five days after receiving a petition, move for an order to the petitioner to provide a more definite appeal petition or otherwise comply with this section. A Judge may order a more definite appeal petition on his or her own initiative.

(1) A motion for a more definite appeal petition stays the respondent's time for filing an answer or response. The Judge will establish the time for filing and serving an answer or response.

(2) If the petitioner does not comply with the Judge's order to provide a more definite appeal petition or otherwise fails to comply with applicable regulations, the Judge may dismiss the petition with prejudice.

(f) Notice and Order. After an appeal petition is filed, OHA will issue a Notice and Order and serve it upon all known parties (or their attorneys). If a party does not receive a Notice and Order, it should contact OHA.

[67 FR 47247, July 18, 2002, as amended at 75 FR 47439, Aug. 6, 2010]