13 CFR § 134.202 - Commencement of cases.

§ 134.202 Commencement of cases.

(a) A party other than the SBA may commence a case by filing an appeal petition.

(1) The filing deadline is contained in the SBA regulations governing the specific type of appeal.

(2) Where the SBA action or determination being appealed states a different time period (or deadline) for filing an appeal petition than does the applicable regulation, the longer time period (or later deadline) governs.

(b) The SBA may commence a case by issuing to the respondent an appropriate written order to show cause and filing the order to show cause with OHA.

(c) Cases concerning Small Business Investment Company license suspensions and revocations and cease and desist orders must be commenced with an order to show cause containing a statement of the matters of fact and law asserted by the SBA, the legal authority and jurisdiction under which a hearing is to be held, a statement that a hearing will be held, and the time and place for the hearing.

(d) Calculation and modification of time periods and deadlines.

(1) Calculation of a deadline when the time period is given in days.

(i) Do not count the day the time period begins, but do count the last day of the time period.

(ii) If the last day is Saturday, Sunday, or a Federal holiday, the time period ends on the next business day.

On Monday, a Judge orders a party to file and serve a document within (or no later than) five days. The time period begins on Monday, so the first day to count is Tuesday. The second, third, and fourth days are Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. The fifth day is Saturday, so the time period rolls over to the next business day, which is Monday. The deadline is Monday (or Tuesday if Monday is a Federal holiday).

(2) Modification of a time period or deadline.

(i) A Judge may modify any time period or deadline, except:

(A) The time period governing commencement of a case (i.e., when the appeal petition may be filed); and

(B) A time period established by statute.

(ii) A party may move for an extension of time pursuant to § 134.211.

[67 FR 47246, July 18, 2002, as amended at 70 FR 17587, Apr. 7, 2005; 75 FR 47439, Aug. 6, 2010]

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