17 CFR § 140.23 - General access requirements.

§ 140.23 General access requirements.

(a) Determination of trustworthiness. No person shall be given access to classified information unless a favorable determination has been made as to the person's trustworthiness. The determination of eligibility, referred to as a security clearance, shall be based on such investigations as the Commission may require in accordance with the applicable Office of Personnel Management standards and criteria.

(b) Determination of need-to-know. A person is not entitled to receive classified information solely by virtue of having been granted a security clearance. A person must also have a need for access to the particular classified information sought in connection with the performance of official government duties or contractual obligations. The determination of that need shall be made by officials having responsibility for the classified information.

[48 FR 15464, Apr. 11, 1983]