17 CFR § 141.5 - Hearing.

§ 141.5 Hearing.

(a) Request for hearing.

(1) An employee must file a petition for a hearing in accordance with the instructions outlined in the Commission's notice to offset.

(2) A hearing may be requested by filing a written petition addressed to the Executive Director stating why the employee disputes the existence or amount of the debt. The petition for a hearing must be received by the Executive Director no later than fifteen (15) calendar days after the date of the notice to offset unless the employee can show good cause for failing to meet the deadline date.

(b) Hearing procedures.

(1) The hearing will be presided over by an impartial hearing official.

(2) The hearing shall conform to procedures contained in the Federal Claims Collection Standards 4 CFR 102.3(c). The burden shall be on the employee to demonstrate that the existence or the amount of the debt is in error.