17 CFR § 141.7 - Coordinating offset with another Federal agency.

§ 141.7 Coordinating offset with another Federal agency.

(a) The Commission as the creditor agency. When the Commission determines that an employee of another federal agency owes a delinquent debt to the Commission, the Commission shall as appropriate:

(1) Arrange for a hearing upon the proper petitioning by the employee;

(2) Certify to the paying agency in writing that the employee owes the debt, the amount and basis of the debt, the date on which payment is due, the date the Government's right to collect the debt accrued, and that Commission regulations for salary offset have been approved by the Office of Personnel Management;

(3) If collection must be made in installments, the Commission must advise the paying agency of the amount or percentage of disposable pay to be collected in each installment;

(4) Advise the paying agency of the actions taken under 5 U.S.C. 5514(b) and provide the dates on which action was taken unless the employee has consented to salary offset in writing or signed a statement acknowledging that the Commission has complied with the procedures required by law. The written consent or acknowledgment must be sent to the paying agency;

(5) If the employee is in the process of separating, the Commission must submit its debt claim to the paying agency as provided in this part. The paying agency must certify any amounts already collected, notify the employee, and send a copy of the certification and notice of the employee's separation to the Commission. If the paying agency is aware that the employee is entitled to payments from the Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund or similar payments, it must certify to the agency responsible for making such payments the amount of the debt and that the provisions of 5 CFR 550.1108 have been followed; and

(6) If the employee has already separated and all payments due from the paying agency have been paid, the Commission may request, unless otherwise prohibited, that money payable to the employee from the Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund or other similar funds be collected by administrative offset.

(b) The Commission as the paying agency.

(1) Upon receipt of a properly certified debt claim from another agency, deductions will be scheduled to begin at the next established pay interval. The employee must receive written notice from the Commission that the Commission has received a certified debt claim from the creditor agency, the amount of the debt, the date salary offset will begin, and the amount of the deduction(s). The Commission shall not review the merits of the creditor agency's determination of the validity or the amount of the certified claim.

(2) If the employee transfers to another agency after the creditor agency has submitted its debt claim to the Commission and before the debt is collected completely, the Commission must certify the total amount collected. One copy of the certification must be furnished to the employee. A copy must be furnished the creditor agency with notice of the employee's transfer.