17 CFR § 150.3 - Exemptions.

§ 150.3 Exemptions.

(a) Positions which may exceed limits. The position limits set forth in § 150.2 of this part may be exceeded to the extent such position are:

(1) Bona fide hedging transactions as defined in § 1.3 of this chapter;

(2) [Reserved]

(3) Spread or arbitrage positions between single months of a futures contract and/or, on a futures-equivalent basis, options thereon, outside of the spot month, in the same crop year; provided however, That such spread or arbitrage positions, when combined with any other net positions in the single month, do not exceed the all-months limit set forth in § 150.2.

(b) Call for information. Upon call by the Commission or the Director of the Division of Enforcement, or such other employee or employees as the Director may designate from time to time, any person claiming an exemption from speculative position limits under this section must provide to the Commission or the Division of Enforcement such information as specified in the call relating to the positions owned or controlled by that person; trading done pursuant to the claimed exemption; the futures, options or cash market positions which support the claim of exemption; and the relevant business relationships supporting a claim of exemption.

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