17 CFR § 171.8 - Filing with the Proceedings Clerk.

§ 171.8 Filing with the Proceedings Clerk.

(a) How to file. Any document that is required by this part to be filed with the Proceedings Clerk shall be filed by delivering it in person or by first-class mail or a more expeditious form of United States mail, or by overnight or similar commercial delivery service to: Proceedings Clerk, Office of Proceedings, Three Lafayette Centre, 1155 21st Street NW., Washington, DC 20581; or faxing the document to (202) 418-5532 or emailing it to PROC_Filings@cftc.gov. To be timely filed under this part, a document must be delivered or mailed to the Proceedings Clerk within the time prescribed for filing.

(b) Proof of filing. Proof of filing shall be made by attaching to the document for filing an affidavit of filing executed by any person 18 years of age or older or a proof of filing executed by an attorney-at-law qualified for practice before the Commission. The proof of filing shall certify that the attached document was delivered by hand to the Proceedings Clerk or deposited in the United States mail, with first-class postage prepaid (or delivered to an overnight delivery service of established reliability), addressed to the Proceedings Clerk, Office of Proceedings, Three Lafayette Centre, 1155 21st Street, NW., Washington, DC 20581, on the date specified in the affidavit.

(c) Formalities of filing -

(1) Number of copies. Unless otherwise provided, any person filing a document with the Proceedings Clerk shall provide two conformed copies in addition to the original.

(2) Title page. All documents filed with the Proceedings Clerk shall include, at the head thereof, or on a title page, the name of the Commission, the title of the proceeding, the docket number (if one has been assigned by the Proceedings Clerk), the subject of the particular document and the name of the person on whose behalf the document is being filed.

(3) Paper, spacing, type. All documents filed with the Proceedings Clerk shall be typewritten, must be on one grade of good white paper no less than 8 or more than 8 1/2 inches wide and no less than 10 1/2 or more than 11 1/2 inches long, and must be bound on the top only. They must be double-spaced, except for long quotations (3 or more lines) and footnotes which should be single-spaced.

(4) Signature -

(i) By whom. All documents filed with the Proceedings Clerk shall be signed personally in ink:

(A) By the person or persons on whose behalf they are tendered for filing;

(B) By a general partner, officer or director of a partnership, corporation, association, or other legal entity; or

(C) By an attorney-at-law having authority with respect thereto. The Proceedings Clerk may require appropriate evidence of the authority of a person subscribing a document on behalf of another person.

(ii) Effect. The signature on any document of any person acting either for himself or as attorney or agent for another constitutes certification by him that:

(A) He has read the document subscribed and knows the contents thereof;

(B) If executed in any representative capacity, it was done with full power and authority to do so;

(C) To the best of his knowledge, information, and belief, every statement contained in the document is true and not misleading; and

(D) The document is not being interposed for delay.

[55 FR 41068, Oct. 9, 1990, as amended at 60 FR 49336, Sept. 25, 1995; 78 FR 12937, Feb. 26, 2013]

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