17 CFR § 171.9 - Service.

§ 171.9 Service.

(a) General requirements. Unless otherwise provided, all documents filed with the Proceedings Clerk must be served upon all parties on the same day.

(b) Manner of service. Service may be made by personal delivery (effective upon receipt), mail (effective upon deposit), facsimile (effective upon receipt) or electronic mail (effective upon receipt). When service is effected by mail, the time within which the person served may respond thereto shall be increased by five days. Parties who consent to accepting service of documents by electronic means in the underlying NFA action also consent to accepting service by the same means in proceedings under this part 171.

(c) Proof of service. Proof of service shall be made by filing with the Proceedings Clerk, at the same time as the relevant document is filed, an affidavit of service executed by a person 18 years of age or older or a certificate of service executed by an attorney qualified to practice before the Commission. The proof of service shall state that service has been made and identify the person served, the date of service and the manner of service.

(d) Designation of person to receive service. The first document filed in a proceeding by or on behalf of any party must state on the first page the name, postal address and telephone number of the person authorized to receive service for the party of all documents filed in the proceeding. Thereafter, service of documents shall be made upon the person authorized unless service on a different authorized person or on the party himself is authorized by the Commission, or unless pursuant to § 171.8 the person authorized is changed by the party upon due notice to all other parties. Parties shall file and serve notification of any changes in the information provided pursuant to this subparagraph as soon as practicable after the change occurs.

(e) Service of orders and decisions. A copy of all notices, rulings, opinions and orders of the Commission shall be served on each of the parties by the Proceedings Clerk. Service will be deemed complete upon deposit in the mail.

[55 FR 41068, Oct. 9, 1990, as amended at 72 FR 42277, Aug. 2, 2007]

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