17 CFR § 190.09 - Member property.

§ 190.09 Member property.

(a) Member property. “Member property” means, in connection with a clearing organization bankruptcy, the property which may be used to pay that portion of the net equity claim of a member which is based on its house account.

(b) Scope of member property. Member property shall include all money, securities and property received, acquired, or held by a clearing organization to margin, guarantee or secure, on behalf of a clearing member, the proprietary account, as defined in § 1.3 of this chapter, any account not belonging to a foreign futures or foreign options customer pursuant to the proviso in § 30.1(c) of this chapter, and any Cleared Swaps Proprietary Account, as defined in § 22.1 of this chapter: Provided, however, that any guaranty deposit or similar payment or deposit made by such member and any capital stock, or membership of such member in the clearing organization shall also be included in member property after payment in full, in each case in accordance with the by-laws or rules of the clearing organization, of that portion of:

(1) The net equity claim of the member based on its customer account; and

(2) Any obligations due to the clearing organization which may be paid therefrom, including any obligations due from the clearing organization to the customers of other members.

[48 FR 8739, Mar. 1, 1983, as amended at 77 FR 6382, Feb. 7, 2012; 78 FR 72524, Dec. 2, 2013]