17 CFR § 229.1102 - (Item 1102) Forepart of registration statement and outside cover page of the prospectus.

§ 229.1102 (Item 1102) Forepart of registration statement and outside cover page of the prospectus.

In addition to the information required by Item 501 of Regulation S-K (§ 229.501), provide the following information on the outside front cover page of the prospectus. Present information regarding multiple classes in tables if doing so will aid understanding. If information regarding multiple classes cannot appear on the cover page due to space limitations, include the information in the summary or in an immediately preceding separate table.

(a) Identify the sponsor, the depositor and the issuing entity (if known). Such identifying information should include a Central Index Key number for the depositor and the issuing entity, and if applicable, the sponsor.

(b) In identifying the title of the securities, include the series number, if applicable. If there is more than one class of securities offered, state the class designations of the securities offered.

(c) Identify the asset type(s) being securitized.

(d) Include a statement, if applicable and appropriately modified to the transaction, that the securities represent the obligations of the issuing entity only and do not represent the obligations of or interest in the sponsor, depositor or any of their affiliates.

(e) Identify the aggregate principal amount of all securities offered and the principal amount, if any, of each class of securities offered. If a class has no principal amount, disclose that fact, and, if applicable, state the notional amount, clearly identifying that the amount is a notional one. If the amounts are approximate, disclose that fact.

(f) Indicate the interest rate or specified rate of return of each class of security offered. If a class of securities does not bear interest or a specified return, disclose that fact. If the rate is based on a formula or is calculated in reference to a generally recognized interest rate index, such as a U.S. Treasury securities index, either provide the formula on the cover, or indicate that the rate is variable, indicate the index upon which the rate is based and indicate that further disclosure of how the rate is determined is included in the transaction summary.

(g) Identify the distribution frequency, by class or series where applicable, and the first expected distribution date for the asset-backed securities.

(h) Briefly describe any credit enhancement or other support for the transaction and identify any enhancement or support provider referenced in Items 1114(b) or 1115 of this Regulation AB.

Instruction to Item 1102: Also see Item 1113(f)(2) of this Regulation AB regarding the title of any class of securities with an optional redemption or termination feature that may be exercised when 25% or more of the original principal balance of the pool assets are still outstanding.
[70 FR 1597, Jan. 7, 2005, as amended at 79 FR 57313, Sept. 24, 2014]