17 CFR § 229.904 - (Item 904) Risk factors and other considerations.

§ 229.904 (Item 904) Risk factors and other considerations.

(a) Immediately following the summary required by Item 903 of this subpart (§ 229.903), describe in reasonable detail each material risk and effect of the roll-up transaction on investors in each partnership, including, but not limited to:

(1) The potential risks, adverse effects and benefits of the roll-up transaction for investors and for the general partner, including those which result from each matter described in response to Item 905 of this subpart (§ 229.905), with appropriate cross references to the comparative information required by Item 905;

(2) The material risks arising from an investment in the successor; and

(3) The likelihood that securities of the successor received by investors in the roll-up transaction will trade in the securities markets at a price substantially below the value assigned to such securities in the roll-up transaction and/or the value of the assets of the successor, and the effects on investors of such a trading market discount.

(b) Quantify each risk or effect to the extent practicable.

(c) State whether any of such risks or effects may be different for investors in any partnership and, if so, identify such partnership(s) and describe such difference(s).

Instruction to Item 904. The requirement to quantify the effects of the roll-up transaction shall include, but not be limited to:

(i) If cost savings resulting from combined administration of the partnerships is identified as a potential benefit of the roll-up transaction, the amount of cost savings and a comparison of such amount to the costs of the roll-up transaction; and

(ii) If there may be a material conflict of interest of the sponsor or general partner arising from its receipt of payments or other consideration as a result of the roll-up transaction, the amount of such payments and other consideration to be obtained in the roll-up transaction and a comparison of such amounts to the amounts to which the sponsor or general partner would be entitled without the roll-up transaction.