17 CFR § 229.903 - (Item 903) Summary.

§ 229.903 (Item 903) Summary.

(a) Provide in the forepart of the disclosure document a clear, concise and comprehensible summary of the roll-up transaction.

(b) The summary required by paragraph (a) of this Item (§ 229.903) shall include a summary description of each of the following items, as well as any other material terms or consequences of the roll-up transaction necessary to an understanding of such transaction:

(1) Each material risk and effect on investors, including, but not limited to:

(i) Changes in the business plan, voting rights, cash distribution policies, form of ownership interest or management compensation;

(ii) The general partner's conflicts of interest in connection with the roll-up transaction and in connection with the successor's future operations; and

(iii) The likelihood that securities received by investors in the roll-up transaction will trade at prices substantially below the value assigned to such securities in the roll-up transaction and/or the value of the successor's assets;

(2) The material terms of the roll-up transaction, including the valuation method used to allocate securities in the successor to investors in the partnerships;

(3) Whether the general partner reasonably believes that the roll-up transaction is fair or unfair to investors in each partnership, including a brief discussion of the bases for such belief;

(4) Any opinion from an outside party concerning the fairness of the roll-up transaction, including whether the opinion addresses the fairness of all possible combinations of partnerships or portions of partnerships, and contacts with any outside party concerning fairness opinions, valuations or reports in connection with the roll-up transaction required to be disclosed pursuant to Item 911(a)(5) of this subpart (§ 229.911(a)(5));

(5) The background of and reasons for the roll-up transaction, as well as alternatives to the roll-up transaction described in response to Item 908(b) of this subpart (§ 229.908(b));

(6) Rights of investors to exercise dissenters' or appraisal rights or similar rights and to obtain a list of investors in the partnership in which the investor holds an interest; and

(7) If any affiliates of the general partner or the sponsor may participate in the business of the successor or receive compensation from the successor, an organizational chart showing the relationships between the general partner, the sponsor and their affiliates.

Instruction to Item 903. The description of the material risks and effects of the roll-up transaction required by paragraph (b)(1) of this Item (§ 229.903) must be presented prominently in the forepart of the summary.