17 CFR § 232.10 - Application of part 232.

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§ 232.10 Application of part 232.

(a) This part, in conjunction with the EDGAR Filer Manual and the electronic filing provisions of applicable rules, regulations and forms, shall govern the electronic submission of documents filed or otherwise submitted to the Commission and shall be controlling for an electronic format document in the manner and respects provided in this part.

(b) Each registrant, third party filer, or agent must, before filing on EDGAR:

(1) File electronically the information required by Form ID (§§ 239.63, 249.446, 269.7 and 274.402 of this chapter), the uniform application form for access codes to file on EDGAR, and

(2) File, by uploading as a Portable Document Format (PDF) attachment to the Form ID filing, a notarized document, signed by the applicant, that includes the information required to be included in the Form ID filing and confirms the authenticity of the Form ID filing.

(c) The requirements of § 232.302 (Rule 302) do not apply to the notarized document required by paragraph (b)(2) of this section.

Note to § 232.10:

The Commission strongly urges any person or entity about to become subject to the disclosure and filing requirements of the federal securities laws to submit a Form ID well in advance of the first required filing, including a registration statement relating to an initial public offering, in order to facilitate electronic filing on a timely basis.

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