17 CFR § 240.15b9-1 - Exemption for certain exchange members.

§ 240.15b9-1 Exemption for certain exchange members.

(a) Any broker or dealer required by section 15(b)(8) of the Act to become a member of a registered national securities association shall be exempt from such requirement if it: (1) Is a member of a national securities exchange, (2) carries no customer accounts, and (3) has annual gross income derived from purchases and sales of securities otherwise than on a national securities exchange of which it is a member in an amount no greater than $1,000.

(b) The gross income limitation contained in paragraph (a) of this section, shall not apply to income derived from transactions (1) for the dealer's own account with or through another registered broker or dealer or (2) through the Intermarket Trading System.

(c) For purposes of this section, the term Intermarket Trading System shall mean the intermarket communications linkage operated jointly by certain self-regulatory organizations pursuant to a plan filed with, and approved by, the Commission pursuant to § 242.608 of this chapter.

[48 FR 53691, Nov. 29, 1983, as amended at 70 FR 37618, June 29, 2005]