17 CFR § 37.1400 - Core Principle 14 - System safeguards.

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§ 37.1400 Core Principle 14 - System safeguards.

The swap execution facility shall:

(a) Establish and maintain a program of risk analysis and oversight to identify and minimize sources of operational risk, through the development of appropriate controls and procedures, and automated systems, that:

(1) Are reliable and secure; and

(2) Have adequate scalable capacity;

(b) Establish and maintain emergency procedures, backup facilities, and a plan for disaster recovery that allow for:

(1) The timely recovery and resumption of operations; and

(2) The fulfillment of the responsibilities and obligations of the swap execution facility; and

(c) Periodically conduct tests to verify that the backup resources of the swap execution facility are sufficient to ensure continued:

(1) Order processing and trade matching;

(2) Price reporting;

(3) Market surveillance; and

(4) Maintenance of a comprehensive and accurate audit trail.