17 CFR 4.1 - Requirements as to form.

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§ 4.1 Requirements as to form.

(a) Each document distributed pursuant to this part 4 must be:

(1) Clear and legible;

(2) Paginated; and

(3) Fastened in a secure manner.

(b) Information that is required to be “prominently” disclosed under this part 4 must be displayed in capital letters and in boldface type.

(c) Where a document is distributed through an electronic medium:

(1) The requirements of paragraphs (a) of this section shall mean that required information must be presented in a format that is readily communicated to the recipient. For purposes of this paragraph (c), information is readily communicated to the recipient if it is accessible to the ordinary user by means of commonly available hardware and software and if the electronically delivered document is organized in substantially the same manner as would be required for a paper document with respect to the order of presentation and the relative prominence of information. Where a table of contents is required, the electronic document must either include page numbers in the text or employ a substantially equivalent cross-reference or indexing method or tool;

(2) The requirements of paragraph (b) of this section shall mean that such information must be presented in capital letters and boldface type or, as warranted in the context, another manner reasonably calculated to draw the recipient's attention to the information and accord it greater prominence than the surrounding text; and

(3) A complete paper version of the document that complies with the applicable provisions of this part 4 must be provided to the recipient upon request.

(d) If graphic, image or audio material is included in a document delivered to a prospective or existing client or pool participant, and such material cannot be reproduced in an electronic filing, a fair and accurate narrative description, tabular representation or transcript of the omitted material must be included in the filed version of the document. Inclusion of such material in a Disclosure Document shall be subject to the requirements of § 4.24(v) in the case of pool Disclosure Documents, and § 4.34(n) in the case of commodity trading advisor Disclosure Documents.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 3038-0005)
[ 46 FR 26013, May 8, 1981, as amended at 46 FR 63035, Dec. 30, 1981; 62 FR 39115, July 22, 1997]