17 CFR § 49.19 - Core principles applicable to swap data repositories.

§ 49.19 Core principles applicable to swap data repositories.

(a) Compliance with core principles. To be registered, and maintain registration, a swap data repository shall comply with the core principles as described in this section. Unless otherwise determined by the Commission by rule or regulation, a swap data repository shall have reasonable discretion in establishing the manner in which the swap data repository complies with the core principles described in this section.

(b) Antitrust considerations (Core Principle 1). Unless necessary or appropriate to achieve the purposes of the Act, a swap data repository shall avoid adopting any rule or taking any action that results in any unreasonable restraint of trade; or imposing any material anticompetitive burden on trading, clearing or reporting swaps.

(c) Governance arrangements (Core Principle 2). Swap data repositories shall establish governance arrangements as set forth in § 49.20.

(d) Conflicts of interest (Core Principle 3). Swap data repositories shall manage and minimize conflicts of interest and establish processes for resolving such conflicts of interest as set forth in § 49.21.

(e) Additional duties (Core Principle 4). Swap data repositories shall also comply with the following additional duties:

(1) Financial resources. Swap data repositories shall maintain sufficient financial resources as set forth in § 49.25;

(2) Disclosure requirements of swap data repositories. Swap data repositories shall furnish an appropriate disclosure document setting forth the risks and costs of swap data repository services as detailed in § 49.26; and

(3) Access and Fees. Swap data repositories shall adhere to Commission requirements regarding fair and open access and the charging of any fees, dues or other similar type charges as detailed in § 49.27.

[76 FR 54575, Sept. 1, 2011, as amended at 85 FR 75661, Nov. 25, 2020]