17 CFR § 49.4 - Withdrawal from registration.

§ 49.4 Withdrawal from registration.


(1) A swap data repository may withdraw its registration by giving notice in writing to the Commission requesting that its registration as a swap data repository be withdrawn. Such notice shall be served at least 60 days prior to the date named therein as the date when the withdrawal of registration shall take effect. The request to withdraw shall be made by a person duly authorized by the swap data repository and shall specify:

(i) The name of the swap data repository for which withdrawal of registration is being requested;

(ii) The name, address and telephone number of the swap data repository that will have custody of data and records of the swap data repository; and

(iii) The address where such data and records will be located.

(2) Prior to filing a request to withdraw, a swap data repository shall execute an agreement with the custodial swap data repository governing the custody of the withdrawing swap data repository's data and records. The custodial swap data repository shall retain such records for at least as long as the remaining period of time the swap data repository withdrawing from registration would have been required to retain such records pursuant to this part.

(b) A notice of withdrawal from registration filed by a swap data repository shall become effective for all matters (except as provided in this paragraph (b)) on the 60th day after the filing thereof with the Commission, within such longer period of time as to which such swap data repository consents or which the Commission, by order, may determine as necessary or appropriate in the public interest.

(c) Revocation of registration for false application. If, after notice and opportunity for hearing, the Commission finds that any swap data repository has obtained its registration by making any false or misleading statements with respect to any material fact or has violated or failed to comply with any provision of the Act and regulations thereunder, the Commission, by order, may revoke the registration. Pending final determination whether any registration shall be revoked, the Commission, by order, may suspend such registration, if such suspension appears to the Commission, after notice and opportunity for hearing, to be necessary or appropriate and in the public interest.

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