18 CFR § 46.4 - General rule.

§ 46.4 General rule.

A person must file with the Secretary of the Commission a statement in accordance with § 46.6, and in the form specified in § 131.31 of this chapter (except that with respect to calendar year 1980, no filings in the form specified in § 131.31 is required if such person has previously filed the statement required for calendar year 1980 in a different form than specified in § 131.31), if such person:

(a) Serves for a public utility in any of the following positions: A director or a chief executive officer, president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, general manager, comptroller, chief purchasing agent, or any other position in which such person performs similar executive duties or functions for such public utility; and

(b) Serves for any entity described in § 46.5 in any of the positions described in paragraph (a) of this section or is a partner, appointee, or representative of such entity.

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