18 CFR § 46.6 - Contents of the statement and procedures for filing.

§ 46.6 Contents of the statement and procedures for filing.

Each person required to file a written statement under the general rule in § 46.4 shall comply with the following requirements:

(a) Each person shall provide the following information: full name and business address; identification of the public utilities and the covered entities in which such person holds executive positions described in § 46.4; and identification of the interlock described in § 46.4;

(b) If the interlock is between a public utility and an entity described in § 46.5(c), which produces or supplies electrical equipment for use of such public utility, such person shall provide the following information:

(1) The aggregate amount of revenues received by such entity from producing or supplying electrical equipment to such public utility in the calendar year specified in paragraph (d) of this section, rounded up to the nearest $100,000; and

(2) The nature of the business relationship between such public utility and such entity.

(c) If the person is authorized by the Commission to hold the positions of officer or director in accordance with part 45, such person shall identify the authorization by docket number and shall give the date of authorization.


(1) Each person shall file an original and one copy of such written statement with the Office of Secretary of the Commission on or before April 30 of each year immediately following the calendar year during any portion of which such person held a position described in § 46.4. The original of such statement shall be dated and signed by such person. The copy shall bear the date that appeared on the original; the signature on the copy may be stamped or typed on the copy.

(2) Instead of submitting changes to the Commission on the pre-printed Form No. 561 sent annually by the Commission, a person may choose to make changes to the pre-filled electronic version provided by the Commission. This electronic version, along with the signed original and one copy (as required by Paragraph (d)(c)) shall also be filed with the Commission.

(3) Such statement shall be available to the public through the Commission's eLibrary system on http://www.ferc.gov and shall be made publicly available through the principal business offices of the public utility and any entity to which it applies on or before April 30 of the year the statement was filed with the Commission.

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